CeramTec Medical Products Division
The CeramTec Group is an international leading supplier of advanced ceramics with annual sales of 556 million Euro and 3500 employees in Europe, Asia and America. With a tradition of more than 100 years, CeramTec serves major markets with innovative products, including the electronics, automotive, medical technologies, machinery, metalworking, chemical as well as the energy and environmental industries.

Since 1974 more than fifteen million ceramic BIOLOX® ball heads and BIOLOX® inserts have been used in total hip replacements. Customers and surgeons all over the world put their faith in the pink colored BIOLOX®delta ceramics.
The very color gives surgeons the certainty that they are using implants of the highest quality and reliability for their patients from CeramTec. BIOLOX®delta is the only ceramic with 15 years of successful clinical experience and with more than eight million sold components.
Components from pink BIOLOX® material are also used in total knee replacements and other applications which will be introduced in the near future.

BIOLOX® ceramics worldwide have been successful for more than 45 years.

For very good reasons:
• Excellent biological behavior*
• No known risk of allergy*
• Safe in terms of metal ion release*
• Reduced risk for PJI revisions*
• A pathogenic reaction to ceramic particles is (very) unlikely*
• Significantly lower taper corrosion*
• Resistant to third-body wear*
• Excellent wettability*

*References available on file at CeramTec GmbH on request.
Address: CeramTec GmbH, CeramTec Platz 1–9, 73207 Plochingen, Germany
Website: www.biolox.com